Dolls for Sale
While hose in the Yellow boxes are still available, there may be more scattered throughout this website. 
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Andrew2.jpg (52627 bytes)

Andrew, SOLD

josie2.jpg (54171 bytes)

Josephine, SOLD

brunnhilde.jpg (54408 bytes)

Brunnhilde, $150

forest_angel6.jpg (76538 bytes)

Forest Angel, SOLD

dawn10.jpg (138147 bytes)

Delta Dawn, SOLD

serafina A2.jpg (117018 bytes)

Serafina, $135

serafina C2.jpg (130430 bytes)

Serafina, SOLD

serafina B2.jpg (134099 bytes)

Serafina, SOLD

Halle1.jpg (156353 bytes)

Holly-Lou, SOLD

amity2a.jpg (171709 bytes)

Amity, both dolls SOLD

topsyC1.jpg (62488 bytes)

Topsy & Eva, DONATED

bilbo11.jpg (83195 bytes)

Bilbo Baggins, SOLD

tavia11b.jpg (71555 bytes)

Tavia, SOLD

cecelia9-05b.jpg (55363 bytes)

Cecelia, SOLD

candy_santa.jpg (72800 bytes)

Candy Keeper Santa,

candy_scare.jpg (94905 bytes)

Candy Keeper Scarecrow, $75

candy_witch.jpg (76959 bytes)

Candy Keeper Witch,

candy_girl.jpg (87345 bytes)

Candy Keeper Girl,

keeper_annie2.jpg (52413 bytes)

Candy Keeper Annie, $75

godmother1b.jpg (41558 bytes)

Godmother, $70

averill313b.JPG (67197 bytes)

Averill, SOLD

averill314.JPG (100299 bytes)

Averill, SOLD

averill315.JPG (88970 bytes)

Averill, SOLD

hwgrp1.jpg (74042 bytes)

Heavenly Wings, SOLD

hwgrp2.jpg (73602 bytes)

Heavenly Wings, SOLD

alabama45.jpg (108648 bytes)

Viola Ruth,
Sorry, but for now this doll will remain in my own collection for now

story2007_dee3a.jpg (70651 bytes)

Duke & Claire, SOLD

face_closeup.jpg (231954 bytes)

Old World Santa, SOLD

amity333a.jpg (135695 bytes)

Amity, SOLD

averill346b.jpg (111216 bytes)

Averill, with alternate face

sophia1a.jpg (79506 bytes)

Sophia with cat, DONATED

hoff_07_dhogan3.jpg (155874 bytes)

Adah, SOLD

carlie1.jpg (94788 bytes)

Carlie, SOLD

mdm4.jpg (133000 bytes)

April, SOLD

penny_dhogan7.jpg (118762 bytes)

Penny, SOLD

redo13.jpg (106101 bytes)

Henrietta Jane, SOLD

presby6.jpg (102267 bytes)

Emmaline, SOLD

verity374d.jpg (97704 bytes)

Verity, SOLD

verity348a.jpg (113177 bytes)

Verity, SOLD

harvestmoon377d.jpg (111389 bytes)

Harvest Moon, SOLD

vr337a.jpg (40392 bytes)

Viola Ruth, SOLD

averill397a.jpg (97469 bytes)

Averill 397, SOLD

averill398c.jpg (101246 bytes)

Averill 398, SOLD

averill399e.jpg (132091 bytes)

Averill 399, SOLD


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