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gracie17_dhogan.jpg (109186 bytes)
Doll No. 223, 6/03
Gracie is from a Mary Tressler test pattern.  Seated, she is about 8 inches tall.  She is made from Doesuede and has a needle-sculpted face.  Her hair is mohair.  Her individual fingers are wired so they can be posed.  Her facial features are acrylic paint, colored pencil and Micron Pigma pen.  SOLD
maura1.jpg (172722 bytes)
Doll No. 220, 5/03
Maura, made from Mary Tressler's Spring Challenge pattern.  Dolls made for this challenge could only be clothed in flowers, and "rain" had to be included.  Maura is about 13 inches long (including her fins) and is made from Doesuede.   Her face is needle-sculpted.  Her fingers are wired so they can be posed.   Gifted to friends.
eliz7.jpg (183051 bytes)
Doll No. 174
Queen Elizabeth, from Antonette Cely's pattern "Elizabeth R (and Young Bess)."   This is doll was completed 9/2000, lacking only her headdress, which was added 3/03Elizabeth was made by request for a friend, whose aunt was a British actress that often portrayed the Queen.
forest_angel6.jpg (76538 bytes) This is Forest Angel, made from JoAnn Pinto's "Angel" pattern.  Her hair is hand-dyed mohair from Linden Lane Farms.  This doll won a blue ribbon at the Clatsop County Fair in 2002. Completed 9/01.  SOLD
vera4.jpg (135334 bytes) This is "Vintage Vera, the Grape Goddess" made for my brother and sister-in-law, Christmas 2002.  Pattern by Marilyn Halcomb, an Australian designer.  Made of Doesuede, partial armature, hair is wefted mohair from Sandcastle Creations (see links).
happ1.jpg (56529 bytes) This is HAPP The Aromatherapy Doll, designed by Jessica Kennady.  I received this wonderful pattern and supply kit as a gift from Jessica.  Filled with apple-cinnamon sachet, this doll also feels nice in the hand.  Hair is a wonderful green and purple fiber.  Body is a nice stretchy velvet-like fabric.  Head is velour. Completed 1/03.
primblue2.jpg (81904 bytes)


primgreen1.jpg (77621 bytes)



In June of 2002 I took an on-line class through Crafty College, taught by Kathy Hays.  Her "Primrose" class featured wet felting techniques, which are seen in the dolls' hats, jackets and purses.  Primrose "Meredith" is the blond doll.  Her head and hands are made of Springmaid Tremode fabric.  Primrose "Natalie" is the brunette.  Her head and hands are made of dyed muslin.   Faces are lightly sculpted.  Hair:  mohair.  Jointed arms/legs.  $145.00
prim_af7.jpg (95836 bytes) This "Primrose" was made for a collector of African-American dolls.  Hair:  Tibetan lambswool.  Felted hat from Romney wool, felted jacket and purse from Merino wool top.  Pattern by Kathy Hays.  Completed October, 2002    SOLD
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