Challenge Dolls 4

Challenge Dolls 4

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hall09-deanna2.jpg (73790 bytes)
Doll No. 384
Oct., 2009
Pumpkinhead is my Halloween Challenge doll. Members of the Reigning Dolls & Bears club used a vintage pattern to create their dolls. Our assignment was to use the "Genevieve" pattern in the book "On Making, Mending and Dressing Dolls" by Clara Hallard Fawcett, published in 1949.

Pumpkinhead is 16 inches tall and made from muslin. Her sewn and stuffed head was shaped oddly, so I covered and sculpted it with paperclay. She is painted with acrylics. Her clothing - dress and bloomers (designed by me) is removable.

little red1sm.jpg (83172 bytes)
Doll No. 376
Sept., 2009
Little Red Riding Hood Challenge, for the online group "Coffee with Tea." I used and modified Lucinda Durbin's reproduction Presbyterian doll pattern, incorporating a transfer for the face from a vintage photo. Little Red is made from dyed muslin, and stands about 18 inches tall. Her clothing is removable (bloomers, skirt, bodice, cape). Her apron is a vintage hankie, sewn into her skirt.  Her hair is a wig made from Tibetan lamb, sewn in place.
DONATED to ODACA Day Raffle, 2010
tog2009e.jpg (115881 bytes)
Doll No. 382
Sept., 2009
Anorah, made using my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern for the Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge. She stands 21 inches tall. Her clothing and shoes are removable. She's made of cotton woven fabric, and has hinge jointed elbows and knees, and button jointed shoulders and hips. Her trapunto style face is minimally needle sculpted, and colored with acrylic paint and colored pencils. See more "Harvest Moon" dolls HERE.
4elements3.jpg (115738 bytes)
Doll No. 378
July, 2009
Yet-to-be-named Mermaid, created for the 4 Elements Challenge sponsored by the online group ADO (Art Dolls Only).   For the body/head/arms, I modified a pattern by Kith & Kin. I omitted the legs and designed a fishy tail section instead, which I made from cloth I dyed at my friend Jean's house.
penny_dhogan7.jpg (118762 bytes)
Doll No. 369
March, 2009
Penny Doll Challenge, sponsored by FOCD (Friends of Cloth Dolls). This 20-inch doll is made from doesuede fabric. Her Head/neck/chest and forearms are painted with Messy Mix, gesso, and acrylic paint. Her hair is Tibetan lamb. Her clothing is removable. Her boots are painted. She does not stand unassisted. This doll was made from a pattern by Claire Pruitt. She was the 1st place winner in the advanced category.
hoff_08_dhogan2.jpg (105290 bytes)
Doll No. 360
July, 2008
Frances, my Hoffman Challenge doll.  Frances is from my "Verity" design, reduced to 85% of the original pattern.  She stands 19 inches tall (including her stand), and is made from muslin.  Her face and hands are needle sculpted, then painted with layers of "Messy Mix" - half acrylic gel medium and half modeling paste.  Then two layers of gesso are applied, and flesh-colored acrylic paint.  Her hair is Tibetan lamb on the hide, hand-dyed.  She has wire armature from her head, out her bottom, and into the wooden base.  Her pants and tunic trim is dupioni silk.

See more Hoffman dolls HERE.

meditrina2.jpg (107427 bytes)
Doll No. 342
June, 2008
This is Meditrina, the Roman goddess of wine, health and longevity.  The Reigning Dolls & Bears club to which I belong had a wine or grape themed challenge, as our June meeting was held at member Roxanne's home.  Roxanne and her husband have a small non-commercial winery.

Meditrina's made of Alabaster velour, with a cloth-covered clay face.  Her head is jointed to the neck so it can turn from side to side.   Her fingers are wired.  She holds a goblet made from Fimo.  Her hair is Tibetan lambswool on the hide.  She's in a fixed seated position, about 12-1/2 inches tall.  Her gown is silk Georgette in a very dark (almost black) navy color. 

verity6.jpg (94484 bytes)
Doll No. 344
April, 2008
This is Verity, which means "truth."  Verity was made for the vintage cloth doll Yahoo group patriotic challenge and for the "Rags to Riches Dolls" eBay group launch scheduled for 4/27/08 (go to eBay and enter R2RD).   Verity is made of muslin, and stands almost 23 inches tall.  I used the same pattern I made for Carlie (bottom doll).  Her face and finger divisions are needle sculpted.  Her head, upper chest and arms are painted with a mixture of modeling paste and acrylic gel medium for durability.  Acrylic paints, colored pencils and pastels provide the coloring.  She has buried bead joints at the knees, and her lower legs are made of striped fabric.  Her boots are painted; the heels are Paperclay.  Her dress is removable. 
lydia2.jpg (81955 bytes)
Doll No. 338
Jan., 2008
This is Lydia, my doll for Soft Dolls & Animals magazine Interpretive Doll Challenge (January 2008 issue).  The pattern is by Aletha "Ike" Putney.  Lydia is made from muslin and is 13 inches tall.  Her head and upper torso has been covered in Creative Paperclay, and her face is sculpted, then painted in acrylics.  Her arms and legs are also painted. Her clothing is not removable.  She wears muslin pantaloons and a celery green print dress with a vintage hankie over-lay. 

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