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Pin Dolls

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Crackle Face Pin
Based on free Annie pattern, reduced 75% (11/06)
Hazel the Witch Pin Doll, about 6 inches tall with jointed arms and legs. 
Pattern available
Sleepytime Santa
Pin doll/Ornie

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Some available for purchase
$45 each.  Click on thumbnail
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Esme witch pin doll made for a doll club pin doll exchange. 
5" tall (without hat).  (10/02)
Heavenly Wings pin doll or ornament, with custom-made wings.
Pattern Available
Miranda pin dolls.  All have dyed wool or mohair hair, wired arms.  
Pattern Available
Free 5-inch Annie pin doll, designed exclusively for Dollmaker's Journey

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Fairy Faye, 4-inch pin doll designed
for the Reigning Bears & Dolls
January activity, 1/01.
  (see  free on-line pattern)

The Swimmer pin dolls, about 5 1/2 inches long.  Pattern includes regular and "plus" sized swimmer.
Pattern available

Annie pin doll, about 5 inches tall.
**See challenge dolls.
(no pattern)

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This a nametag Pin Doll designed by Christie Anglin
for a gathering of Portland, Oregon dollmakers.


Hazel the Witch Pin Doll, about 6 inches tall with jointed arms and legs.  The photo on the left is included with the pattern (copyright 1999).  For Halloween 2001, I made the Hazel on the right, experimenting with some light needle sculpting.  Click on either
photo to see more.
Pattern available
Miranda the Mermaid, pin or barrette doll.  Click on the photo above to see more.  (copyright 2001).

Pattern available, two sizes included.



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Fairy Faye, free on-line pattern.  Click on photo for link to free online pattern page (completed 6/02).

Another Fairy Faye, 4-inch pin doll.
Click on photo for free
on-line pattern.  (2002)

Alexandra Angel,
about 4 1/2 inches tall.
Made for a friend.
Copyright 2/02

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts