My First Dolls

My First Dolls
Most of these photos are from scans.  I apologize for the poor quality of some.

img00005.jpg (60467 bytes)
Simple muslin "Laundry Woman" has
individual fingers (before I learned about armature).  My father carved the tiny clothespins from oak.  Her face is hand-embroidered.  Doll No. 11, 3/95  SOLD
sale149.jpg (73944 bytes)
I made many of these dolls
(boys and girls) for craft shows. 
winterwarmth3.jpg (62046 bytes)
This "Winter Warmth" doll was made from the  pattern booklet Sweet Seasons - Book 2
Doll No. 89, 10/97
angel2.jpg (68856 bytes)
This Christmas Angel has removable wings. 
Face is hand-embroidered.
Doll No. 6, 10/94   SOLD

simple4.jpg (90533 bytes)
Original doll made for my sister.  Holds a crazy quilt and a basket of sewing supplies.  Doll No. 45.

simple5.jpg (97127 bytes)
Scarecrows (original pattern).
Dolls No. 39 & 40.  SOLD
claire2.jpg (76649 bytes)
Claire is made of tea-dyed muslin, and her clothing and shoes are removable.  Face is embroidered.
Doll No. 5, 10/94  SOLD
simple7.jpg (88231 bytes)
Raggedy doll, holding basket of eggs.
Doll No. 34.  SOLD
clarissa2.jpg (65019 bytes)
Clarissa, another early doll, has a
basic pancake style body, articulated fingers (with no armature), and removable clothing.  
Doll No. 3, 3/94   SOLD
simple1.jpg (79207 bytes)
Adapted from McCalls 7980.  Doll No. 87 Donated to Lower Columbia Hospice, 1998
simple2.jpg (67443 bytes)
From McCalls 8774.  Doll No. 15.
Donated to Lower Columbia Hospice, 1999.
simple3.jpg (99006 bytes)
Angel adapted from McCalls 8776.
Doll No. 98, 12/97.  SOLD
simple10.jpg (48020 bytes)
"Career Girl" with embroidered face.
Doll No. 8.   SOLD
simple9.jpg (59428 bytes)
Another original doll, embroidered face, removeable clothing and shoes.
Doll No. 10  SOLD
simple11.jpg (77707 bytes)
Original doll, with embroidered face
and removeable clothing. 
Doll No. 7, 10/94  SOLD
sadie.jpg (87576 bytes)
This is Sadie, one of my earlier dolls.  She's from an original pattern.    Made of tea-dyed muslin, her facial features are embroidered by hand. SOLD
sadie1.jpg (40687 bytes)sadie2.jpg (46526 bytes)

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