Challenge Dolls 1

Challenge Dolls 1
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monique13.jpg (76987 bytes)
Doll No. 198,
Monique is my 2002 Hoffman Challenge doll, selected to travel the country for a year. Participants in this challenge were required to use the multi-colored paisley Hoffman fabric. Monique is an original one-of-a-kind doll. She stands about 18 inches tall, and is made of Springmaid Tremode (woven) fabric. She has armature in her legs and fingers, needle-modeled face and appliqued breasts. Her face is painted in acrylics, with pastel shading. Her hair is a synthetic wig. Her shoes are leather.  SOLD
eva5.jpg (64771 bytes)
Doll No. 188,
This is Eva, an original doll made for the 2002 Antelope Valley Doll Show in California. This year's theme was "Once upon a time..." and Eva is my interpretation of a character from an obscure children's story. Eva is 17 inches tall, and is made from woven fabric. She has full armature. Click on the thumbnail for additional photos and a link to her story. She earned a blue ribbon and won Best in Class and the AV Doll show, as well as a blue ribbon at the 2002 Clatsop County Fair (for her costuming).  SOLD
josie2.jpg (54171 bytes)
Doll No. 185,
This 18-inch doll is my representation of Josephine Baker, my entry for Lisa Risler's third 3Q challenge. Her muslin body is from an Antonette Cely pattern and is painted with acrylic paint & Createx textile medium. Her cloth head is an original pattern, sculpted and painted. She has armature in her body, legs and hands/fingers. Josephine received a First Place award in the advanced category.  SOLD
Ramona5.jpg (65355 bytes)
Doll No. 183,
This is Ramona, made for the "Gypsies of the World Challenge" for Doll U, 2001 (sponsored by Treasures of the Gypsy). She is 18 inches tall with her wooden stand, and is an original design. She's made of Doe Suede, with armature and sculpted face. Hair is wefted mohair. SOLD
Frieda7.jpg (75965 bytes)
Doll No. 179,
This is Frieda, an original 18-inch doll made for the "QQQ Challenge" hosted by Lisa Risler (May/June, 2001). This challenge required selecting a packet of fat quarters and creating something that utilized these fabrics plus the extra doo-dad included (a button, in my case). Frieda is made of Doesuede and has wired fingers and sculpted face. Her clogs are made from polymer clay. Her hair is wefted mohair from Sandcastle Creations. Frieda was awarded Judges Choice First Place and Publics Choice 2nd Place (Intermediate Category). Featured in Soft Dolls & Animals! magazine, October/November 2001 issue. SOLD
waiting2.jpg (64529 bytes)
Doll No. 175,
This doll was my "Winter Wonderland" entry at the Portland Quilt and Doll Festival (Oct., 2000), called "Waiting for Santa." She is an original design, and has jointed elbows, knees, ankles and neck. She holds her favorite rag doll (which doubles as a pin doll). The chair is from a pattern by Virginia Robertson. Other accessories include table, centerpiece candle and plate of cookies).
pippi.jpg (19610 bytes)
Doll No. 172,
This is Pippi, a "Cut from the Same Cloth" challenge doll for the "Reigning Dolls and Bears" club in NW Oregon (June, 2000). She is an original design, using many of Judi Ward's techniques. Pippi is made of robe velour. Her fingers are wired, and her head, arms and legs are jointed. The pirate hat was made using the guidelines in the book Creating Heavenly Hats for Discriminating Dolls by Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui. The Oregon Coast's wreck of the Peter Iredale in the background is the setting for this photo.  SOLD
nancy_allison.jpg (64741 bytes)
Doll No. 170,
Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, from the book Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox was an assignment for the "Reigning Dolls and Bears" club (May, 2000). She is made from Meo Feroy's pattern "Fanny Annie." Includes hardback book, chair and basket of "memories."  SOLD 
brunnhilde.jpg (54408 bytes)
Doll No. 165,
This is Brunnhilde, my No Picture/No Instruction Challenge doll, created from a pattern by Anne-Marie Brombal for "Friends of Cloth Dolls." Made from robe velour, she stands about 25 inches tall. Helmet and breastplate are made from polymer clay. Her sandals are leather with polymer clay soles. Exhibited at the local county fair, she won the Reserve Champion and Blue ribbons. $150, includes shipping to US addresses.

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