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Sleepytime Santa
Doll Number 462

Sleepytime Santa
Doll Number 471

"Santy Claws"
Doll No. 456, December 2016

From pattern by Hand Made With Love

"Reindeer & Santa"
Doll No. 464, December 2017

From a pattern by Karen Nieforth, B&K Creations

Patriotic Santa
Doll No. 455, December 2016

Adapted from pattern by Kat Lees
(fat quarter Santa Challenge, pancake doll)

"Sleepytime Santa"
Pattern Available
Doll No. 454, November 2016

"Sleepytime Santa"
Pattern Available
Doll No. 453, November 2016

"Sleepytime Santa"
Pattern Available
Doll No. 444, December 2015

"Santa Had A Little Lamb"
Pattern by Hand Made With Love (Pat Baumgartner)
Doll No. 451, November 2016

"Kriss Kringle"
Pattern by One the Edge Designs
Doll No. 427, December 2013

"Kriss Kringle"
Pattern by One the Edge Designs
Doll No. 426, December 2013
linsey-woolsey santa
Linsey-Woolsey Santa
Pattern by Gail Wilson
Doll No. 422, December 2012
linsey-woolsey santa
santa418-small.jpg (102427 bytes) "Sleepytime Santa"
Made for the 2012 Emergency Department Christmas Party and Auction. This doll is made from my Sleepytime Santa pattern. About 17 inches tall when standing. Clothing is not removable. Weighted base for a stable seated position.

Doll No. 418, Nov. 2012

santa410a.jpg (107736 bytes)
"Father Christmas & Sled"
made for the 2011 Emergency Department Christmas Party and Auction.
This doll is made from a pattern by
Dana Thompson / Country Harvest (copyright 1998).

santa410b.jpg (81514 bytes)

Doll No. 410, Dec. 2011

The pattern was reduced to 83%,
so this doll stands 20 inches tall.


Annual Santa doll, made for the Emergency Department Holiday Party and auction. I used a pattern called "Santa Had a Little Lamb" by "Handmade with Love." Santa is made from muslin, painted. He has wool mittens and a cotton knit robe trimmed with Warm n' Natural cotton. His hair, beard and mustache are wool locks.

santa400a.jpg (94811 bytes)
Doll No. 400
Jan., 2011
nick-morty2.jpg (83984 bytes)
Doll No. 386
Dec., 2009

Annual Santa doll, made for the Emergency Department Christmas Party and auction. I used a pattern by Soft in the Head called "Quality Time (Nick & Morty)"

Nick is made from muslin (painted, because I could find Briwax locally). His clothing is not removable. Morty is make from plush/nubby felt. His antlers and legs are cherry sticks.

This 19-inch Santa was made for an online group challenge - the Santa Fat Quarter Swap. This challenge was hosted by the Santa Studio, which is one of many studios found at the Ning group "Cloth Doll Artistry." I received my fat quarter fabric packet from Helen Grossman, containing beautiful, non-traditional Christmas fabrics. The doll pattern was one designed by Kat Lees. I made him from craft velour and added the sculpted nose. His hair, beard and eyebrows are natural wool locks, needle-felted in place. I designed his costume, and his tunic and pants are removeable. His hat is ladder stitched in place. DONATED santa challenge 09b.jpg (111016 bytes)
Doll No. 381
August, 2009
derbelsnickle1.jpg (89990 bytes)
Der Belsnickle
was made for our 2008 Emergency Department Christmas Party and auction. He's made from a pattern by The Rosemary Rabbit (copyright 1995, now out of print).

He stands about 17-1/2 inches tall, and is made from muslin - sculpted, painted, cracked and stained. I made the bear and stick horse he holds, too, which were included in the pattern. They are made from wool felt.

I used wool for his cloak, mittens and pants. His boots are felt. His vest is from an upholstery remnant. His fur trim is mink (I think). His beard and hair are natural wool locks.

He stands alone with a little balancing.

Sleepytime Santas
are about 17 inches tall (when standing).  They are made of dyed muslin.  Their bottoms are weighted with pellets for stability when seated.  Faces are lightly needle sculpted, colored with acrylic paint and colored pencils.  Beards and mustaches are also made of woven fabric, stuffed and sewn in place.  Flannel nightshirt and cap, and felt slippers are not removable.  Unique hand design creates a truly opposable thumb.  Finger divisions are hand sewn after stuffing.  Dolls 334, 335, and 336 are pictured below; December, 2007.
A slightly abridged version of this pattern has been submitted to one of the cloth doll magazines, and should be published toward the end of the year.  Pattern Available

santa334b.jpg (111272 bytes)santa335b.jpg (140064 bytes)santa336b.jpg (153638 bytes)

Old World Santas
are about 15 inches tall and can stand alone.  Made of doesuede fabric or craft velour.  Fingers are wired, and arms and head are jointed.  Legs are sewn in place.  Boots are made of felt, and hooded cape is reversible.  Cross medallions are made of polymer clay.  Santa's face is needle sculpted, painted in acrylics, and shaded with colored pencils. 
Pattern Available
oldworldsanta2.JPG (103296 bytes)
Doll No. 318, Dec. 2006
oldworldsanta3.jpg (105541 bytes) 
Doll No. 319, Dec. 2006
santa332c.jpg (135212 bytes)
Doll No. 332, Nov., 2007
santa05.jpg (60963 bytes) This hanging Santa was made for our annual Emergency Department Christmas Party / Fundraiser Auction for 2005.  I used a pattern by Julie McCullough. 
Doll No. 292, 12/05
This Santa was made for our annual Emergency Department Christmas Party/Fundraiser Auction for the year 2004.  I used my "Godmother" pattern and over-painted the face transfer to make him a little more masculine.  His nose is also lightly sculpted.  Santa's beard is made from upholstery trim I found at a fabric store near Camp Doll U in Issaquah, Wash.   Santa's boots are leather, and his fingers are wired.
Doll No. 257, 12/04
santaGM.jpg (113441 bytes)
santa2_vip.jpg (109606 bytes) This Santa is just over 13 inches tall and is made from a Mary Tressler pattern designed for the "VIP" class offered on her website.  Santa is made from Doesuede and has wired fingers and a needle sculpted face.  He will be auctioned at our annual Emergency Department Christmas Party/Fundraiser for the year 2003.  Click on the thumbnail to go to the "VIP" page.

This Santa was made for our annual ER Christmas Party/Fundraiser, to raise money for a needy family in our area.  Adapted from "Cyrus the Summer Santa," a Rusty Needle Originals pattern by Two Jays.  Made of dyed muslin, he has a lightly needle sculpted nose, eyes are acrylic paint and colored pencils.  His hair and beard is Tibetan lambswool.   Adaptations to this pattern include hands (wired with fingers), clothing, and face details.  Competed 12/02
A few years later, this Santa suffered an unfortunate interaction with a dog, destroying his face. After about a year of thinking of possible ways to repair him (short of completely replacing his head), I tried something new. His repair is documented on my Blog:
Initial blogpost ~
Progress post ~
Finished repair ~

cyrus2b.jpg (126754 bytes)
santa fred.jpg (64432 bytes) This handsome gentleman is a Santa made in December of 2001 for a charity auction.  I used Meo Feroy's pattern "Funky Fred."

This is Cyrus the Summer Santa, from a pattern by Two Jays, Rusty Needle Originals.  
He was donated as a raffle item for the Portland Quilt and Doll Festival (10/00).  
He stands alone. Several adaptations were made to this pattern.

cyrus_santasmall.jpg (32199 bytes)
cardinals.jpg (55623 bytes) sparetime.jpg (62246 bytes)

Cardinals Santa (left) and
Spare Time Santa (above) are from the same pattern.  They are made from tea-dyed muslin, and have simple pancake-style bodies.  The Santa on the right holds a good book, a cat, and a cup of tea.  The chair and ottoman are original designs.   Both Santas were made-to-order for friends.

fisher.jpg (53254 bytes) woodsman.jpg (52707 bytes)

Using the same pattern, a dowel was glued into a wooden base and inserted into Santa's body, allowing him to stand.   The Woodsman Santa (above) has a polymer clay face, glued to the fabric head.  The Fisherman Santa on the left has a hand-knotted fishing net (the hardest part of that project!).
Both projects SOLD

golf.jpg (63185 bytes)

The Golfer Santa (SOLD) on the left holds a set of clubs
(a Christmas ornament).


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