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"Cuddles" doll, made for granddaughter Fiona.
Doll No. 402, June 2011
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Custom doll using vintage cloth-covered boudoir doll mask. Made from dyed muslin, 25 inches tall.
Used vintage pattern Butterick 10296 (Four French Girls) to make the body (adapted to fit the mask)
and clothing. Hair is crepe wool (Curly Crepe brand).
Doll No. 367
367, December 2008  
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"Flossie," made from silk cloth-over boudoir doll mask purchased on eBay. Body and clothing made from vintage Butterick pattern 10296 ("Four French Girls") Doll No. 235, Jan., 2004  SOLD
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McCall pattern 1575, ca. 1940
Francine the Two-Faced Doll
Doll No. 311, Sept. 2006 GIFTED
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Topsy & Eva, from vintage pattern.  Made of dyed muslin. 
Doll No. 246, Aug., 2004 DONATED ?
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Doll No. 217,
Estelle, a 24-inch doll made for an on-line boudoir doll challenge.  She was made from Butterick pattern 10296 (Four French Girls), circa 1920.  Estelle is made from Southern Belle muslin; hair is perle cotton.  The cloth-over face was lightly sculpted.  She wears lounging pajamas and ultrasuede slippers.  I modeled Estelle after the smoker dolls of the era.  SOLD
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Doll No. 215,
Jenny, from a 1961 pattern by Drena Dotson.  This is a play doll, approximately 30 inches tall.  Wire armature was added to the neck to help support her head.   Hand-embroidered face.  Dress and bloomers are removeable.  Made for a friend.   GIFTED
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Doll No. 192,
This is Madeline, a boudoir doll.  Made from Butterick #10201, circa 1920.  I made quite a few adaptations to her head.  She's about 15 inches tall, and is made of dyed muslin.  Her face is needle-modeled and painted with acrylic paint.  Her neck and upper chest is also painted.  She wears a chemise under her dress, and above-the-knee stockings.  Shoes are ultrasuede.   Her hair is mohair.  SOLD
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Doll No. 196
Polly:  A doll adapted from a kit ("Marie Louise Originals" - "Polly").  The kit was purchased on eBay, and was missing instructions.   Made of a synthetic knit fabric. I've made significant adaptations to the face, experimenting with sculpting techniques.  She's about 26 inches tall.   Hair is hand-dyed Tibetan Lambswool.  Face is colored with acrylic paint, pastels and colored pencils.  She has jointed arms and legs.  She wears felt booties and a vintage dress.  SOLD 
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Raggedy Ann
from McCall's 8077, copyright 1982
Doll No. 245, 7/04

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts