Challenge Dolls 5

Challenge Dolls 5

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Doll No. 467
October 2019

First (annual?) nurse doll challenge, 2019. A friend proposed this challenge: use the same doll pattern, create a doll dressed in a nursing uniform from an era in history. She selected my Verity pattern (22 inch size) for us to use, and we both chose to make Red Cross nurses from World War 1. We based the uniform on resources found online.

Doll No. 430
May 2014
This is "Amandine," my 2014 Hoffman Challenge doll. I used a new pattern I'm developing. Click on the thumbnail to see the really varied results achieved with this one pattern! Amandine has wire armature in her torso and hidden behind her legs.

Amandine is about 16 inches tall including her wooden stand. She is all cloth. Her hair is a wig made from Tibetan lamb on the hide. Click HERE to see some other Hoffman Challenge entries.

Doll No. 424
July 2013
"Emmaline," Hoffman Challenge entry 2013. Original, OOAK doll. Approximately 16 inches tall. Made from camel doesuede fabric. Jointed shoulders, hips sewn in a fixed position. Needle sculpted face.
alice413a-small.jpg (98934 bytes)
Doll No. 413
March 2012

In February 2012, the MAIDA (Making Antique Inspired Dolls & Accessories online group hosted a challenge with the intention of submitting the dolls to Prims Magazine. our dolls were featured in the Autumn, 2012 issue. The accompanying article was written by Dixie Redmond who also has a MAIDA blog.

We made dolls from books/characters old enough to be in the public domain. I chose Alice in Wonderland. She is made from my "Verity" pattern, reduced. She stands about 17 inches tall. Her clothing is removable, though the pink flamingo is sewn to her to maintain a stable position. Her hair is Tibetan lamb. SOLD

VR-hoff12a-small.jpg (102175 bytes)
Doll No. 417
July 2012
"Viola Ruth" made for the 2012 Hoffman Challenge. I used my Viola Ruth pattern and mold. She's about 18 inches tall. Her face and the back of her head are made from polymer clay, sandwiched over a basic stuffed head. The gaps are filled in with paperclay. The head and upper chest/back are covered with knit fabric, then painted. Viola Ruth's clothing is removable. A weaving technique was used for her pinafore to break up the very large print of the challenge fabric. For this challenge, the doll is affixed to a wooden base and stand (which can be removed after she returns home). She does not stand alone. Click HERE to see the other challenge dolls. SOLD

Viola Ruth was the 3rd place winner in the doll category.

hoff-11-dhogan1.jpg (113997 bytes)
Doll No. 404
July 2011
"Eolande" made for the 2011 Hoffman Challenge. I used my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern reduced to 90% to meet the size requirement for this challenge. I used a woven fabric for the doll. She has jointed elbows, knees, shoulders and hips, but has wire armature fixing her to a wooden base. Her hair is Tibetan lamb. Eolande was the 2nd place winner om the doll category. Click HERE to see the other challenge dolls.
hoff_10_dhogan1.jpg (99351 bytes)
Doll No. 345
July, 2010
"Harmonie" made for the 2010 Hoffman Challenge. I used a design-in-progress for the body (one of my many unfinished projects), made from craft velour. She is in a fixed seated position. She has a polymer clay face that has been covered in a cotton knit fabric, then sewn to the stuffed head and painted in acrylics. She has wired fingers. Her skirt is made from petal shaped sections, alternating the challenge fabric with a coordinate. Her hair is made from an elasticized multi-fibered trim. Traveling until Fall, 2011. Click HERE to see the other challenge dolls. SOLD
patriotic-2010c-small.jpg (115996 bytes)
Doll No. 394
June, 2010
"Freddie, Waiting for the Parade" was made for Cloth Doll Artistry's (Ning Internet group) Americana Patriotic Doll Challenge. Participants used the same pattern, designed by Sherrie Nordgren. My doll is made from unbleached muslin. Creative Paperclay was applied to the head and upper chest/back, then covered with a cotton knit fabric, gessoed and painted. He had blond wool locks for hair. His clothing is removable.
380a.jpg (97086 bytes)
Doll No. 380
Feb., 2010
Tiana was made for a doll club challenge. As a group, we selected two patterns from the now defunct The Cloth Doll magazine. Both were angel patterns, and we could use one or both of the patterns for our dolls. My doll was made using Patti Culea's pattern "Silvery Nights Angel" from the Winter 1995/'96 issue. She stands about 21 inches tall, and her clothing is not removable. Her hair is Tibetan lamb. I strayed from the instructions, in that I omitted the armature and added paperclay over the muslin head. Her head, upper body and arms are painted. You can see some of the other club members' August Challenge dolls HERE. SOLD

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