2010 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 1
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hoff_10_dhogan1.jpg (99351 bytes) "Harmonie"
By Deanna Hogan

Original design, with cloth-covered polymer clay face


BLOG: www.blueherondolls.blogspot.com

hoff_10_dhogan2.jpg (87936 bytes) hoff_10_dhogan3.jpg (77938 bytes)
hoff_10_plavalley.jpg (124701 bytes)

Named for a famous female bullfighter
By Patti LaValley

BLOG http://patti-lavalley-designs.blogspot.com
Class Photos www.picturetrail.com/pattidolls
SHOP: www.pattidolls.etsy.com

"Queen's Troubadour"
First-time entry by Carolyn Lanese

Adapted with permission from Barbara Schoenoff's "Jester" pattern. The legs and lute are Carolyn's own design.



hoff_10_clanese1.jpg (93376 bytes)
hoff_10_clanese2.jpg (73758 bytes) hoff_10_clanese3.jpg (70212 bytes)
hoff_10_rkratkey.jpg (61233 bytes) "Elvira, Mistress of the Sea"
First-time entry by Robin Kratkey

From a pattern by Patti LaValley
hoff_10_shall1.jpg (124616 bytes) hoff_10_shall2.jpg (132321 bytes)
hoff_10_shall3.jpg (123515 bytes) hoff_10_shall4.jpg (126865 bytes)

"Water Lily"
By Sharon Hall

Sharon didn't use a specific pattern, but was inspired by Judi Ward's Picturetrail album which demonstrated an antique-inspired doll that utilized a vinyl head. The head was modified, then covered with a layer of quilt batting and fabric.

Water Lily is holding Sharon's interpretation of a dragonfly.

hoff_10_cleatherman1.jpg (105201 bytes)

"Unfortunate Geisha"
(caught up in a wind storm)
By Charlene Leatherman

hoff_10_cleatherman2.jpg (138765 bytes)

Made from Deanna's Tavia pattern

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts