2008 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 1
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Original doll by Deanna Hogan

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Original doll by Joyce Patterson
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"Joy Ride"
Original doll by Christine Hall
Dragon is from the pattern "Bugs Breath" by DeRue Johnson

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"Princess Jade"
by Karen Mallory
Princess Jade holds her pet bird and sits on a tree stump.
From patterns in the book Cloth Doll Couture


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"Kyoko - Faces of a Geisha 1898-2008"
Original doll by Kristina Evans

All fabric with painted face, stump base, 17 inches seated.
Based on an old black & white photo of a geisha from 1898.
The side pictured below is inspired by photos of modern geishas.
Kyoko means Mirror in Japanese

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Ms. Peacock
By Romona King
Original costume of silk dupioni and cotton.
Seated on custom chair

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