2008 Hoffman Challenge Dolls

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Row 1 hoff_08_dhogan1.jpg (83334 bytes)
Deanna Hogan
hoff_08_jpatterson.jpg (49039 bytes)
Joyce Patterson
hoff_08_chall.jpg (34732 bytes)
Christine Hall
hoff_08_kmallory1.jpg (84754 bytes)
Karen Mallory
hoff_08_kevans1.jpg (181251 bytes)
Kristina R. Evans
hoff_08_rshaw1.jpg (154929 bytes)
Romona King
Row 2 hoff_08_mlord3.jpg (399867 bytes)
Michelle Lord
hoff_08_mmatkin1.jpg (332227 bytes)
Melisa Matkin
hoff_08_ailey1.jpg (66071 bytes)
Agnes Iley
hoff_08_rhernandez.jpg (137969 bytes)
Rita Hernandez
hoff_08_shawkey.jpg (124270 bytes)
Shelley Hawkey
hoff_08_swoodworth1.jpg (32061 bytes)
Susan Woodworth
Row 3 hoff_08_mbose2.jpg (82477 bytes)
Mithua Bose
hoff_08_jswanson4.jpg (117758 bytes)
Jayne Swanson
hoff_08_dcash4.jpg (108426 bytes)
Daria Cash
hoff_08_mleo.jpg (144646 bytes)
Monica Leo
hoff_08_plavalley1.jpg (147457 bytes)
Patti LaValley
hoff_08_bkanter2.jpg (146870 bytes)
Barbara Kanter
Row 4 hoff_08_JCEagle1.jpg (127070 bytes)
hoff_08_JCEagle2.jpg (132263 bytes)
hoff_08_gvgesslein1.jpg (85735 bytes)
von Gesslein
hoff_08_jmiller1.jpg (152356 bytes)
Jody Miller
hoff_08_ldanielson1.jpg (324281 bytes)
Linda Danielson
hoff_08_bcasper.jpg (168583 bytes)
Beth Casper
Row 5 hoff_08_bstewart1.jpg (47210 bytes)
Bonnie Stewart
hoff_08_snovatski1.jpg (73667 bytes)
Stephanie Novatski
hoff_08_yili1.jpg (203409 bytes)
Yi Li
hoff_08_calldredge1.jpg (72892 bytes)
Cindy Alldredge
hoff_08_evorster2.jpg (113604 bytes)
Ellen Vorster
hoff_08_mvillis2.jpg (124437 bytes)
Michelle Villis

1st Place ~ "Madame Peacock" by Patricia Wormuth
2nd Place ~ "Oops! Mrs. Peacock was overheard saying as she left the ballroom holding a smoking revolver" by Doris Moore
3rd Place ~ "All Dressed up for the Peacock Ball" by Barbara Kanter
Honorable Mention ~ "Beautiful Lady Bird" by Charie Wilson
Curator's Choice ~ "All the Skirt's a Stage" by Daria Cash
Best First Time Entry ~ "Fly for Me..." by Barbara Tomczak
Most Humorous ~ "Percy and Pegwyn" by Liz Waechter
Best Use of Peacock Theme ~ "Ms. Peacock in the Conservatory with the Candle" by Stephanie Novatski

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