2008 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 2
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"Ibhaar Azhar" - Dazzling Flowers
By Michelle Lord, from an original pattern.
Fabric was embellished with an Omnistitch, which is a sewing machine that has not been produced since 1996, couching the yarn/fiber to the fabric.


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By Melisa Matkin of Coppermouse Dolls
Original cloth doll pattern by artist.
Cloth, paperclay, wood and brass.
14.5" in height

Blog: http://www.thecoppermouse.blogspot.com

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"The Magic of Flight"
By Agnes Iley

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for her story...
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"Lady Paveza"
By Rita Hernandez

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By Shelley Hawkey

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"Shimmer" The Peacock Fairy
Original doll by Susan Woodworth

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You can see more photos here:

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