2008 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 4
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hoff_08_JCEagle1.jpg (127070 bytes)

"Mamma's Boy"
By JCEagle
(the only male member of the Tulsa Dolling Dames)

hoff_08_JCEagle2.jpg (132263 bytes)

"Peacock Dancer"
By JCEagle 

hoff_08_gvgesslein2.jpg (103865 bytes)

Original doll by Gloria von Gesslein
aka: Mrs. Art Doll Maker

hoff_08_gvgesslein3.jpg (106828 bytes)
Daphne, back view
hoff_08_gvgesslein1.jpg (85735 bytes)
hoff_08_jmiller1.jpg (152356 bytes) hoff_08_jmiller2.jpg (155169 bytes)

"Two Heads are Better than One"
Original doll by Jody Miller

hoff_08_ldanielson1.jpg (324281 bytes)

By Linda Danielson
Made with the Ankie Daanen face, hands and head mold.


hoff_08_ldanielson2.jpg (319680 bytes)
hoff_08_bcasper.jpg (168583 bytes)

"Sweet Pea"
By Beth Casper

The top and back of the head are hand beaded following the fabric pattern. 
The shoulder 'epaulets are  beaded velvet leaves, the feet are articulated and her shoes are beaded. 
The peacock is beaded, gold thread work and is stuffed; she also has peacock feathers, as does the doll, on the side of her face. 
Beth used three Hoffman fabrics and silk chiffon.  She stands on a  base made in Beth's pottery studio.

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts