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ella1.jpg (92851 bytes) This is "Ella", a doll made from a Meo Feroy pattern.  She sits on a loveseat, adapted from a pattern by Judi Ward.  Loveseat and doll were Christmas gifts.  Completed in December, 2001
ivy_outside1.jpg (28913 bytes)

This is Ivy, made in Judi Ward's "Whatever! Whatever!" class, November, 1999.  About 23 1/2 inches tall, she is able to stand alone with some balancing.  She is made of Doesuede fabric, has wired fingers and jointed arms, legs and head.  Her hair is mohair.  She has a sculpted and painted face, with real eyelashes.  She even has a belly button!  She wears size 2 toddler shoes and glasses.  SOLD

rose.jpg (50486 bytes)
Doll No. 137

I named this doll Rose.  She is one of the "Sewing Sisters" by Ruth Kuykendall Landis (On the Edge Designs).  She has a trepunto nose, broomstick skirt and polymer clay glasses.  This was a fun and easy pattern.  SOLD

freds_on_couch.jpg (52616 bytes)

This is a group photo from Meo Feroy's "Funky Fred" class held at Judi Ward's home (March, 2000).  My Fred is wearing the tan pants.  I really enjoyed seeing how different they all turned out, despite using the same pattern.  Each had a distinct personality. 

sophie2.jpg (43733 bytes)

This is Sophie, made from Judi Ward's "Whatever! Whatever!" pattern.  Sophie stands about 23 inches tall (to the top of her head) and was made to be a little plumper than Ivy.  This was achieved by changing the stretch direction of the fabric (robe velour in this case).  Her hair is mohair, is fully jointed and has real eyelashes.  She is able to stand alone with a little balancing.
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