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Projects from Fabric Kit Raffle (ongoing activity)
To generate revenue, members contribute one dollar for the chance to win a small collection
of fabric and tidbits.  The winner of the raffle creates something from the kit, and presents
her creation at the next meeting.  She also and puts together the next kit be raffled. 

See Fabric Kit Challenge Dolls from Previous Years flowerpotdollfront.jpg (102255 bytes)        

Christmas Doll Challenge & Exchange
November, 2007

xmas07dee.jpg (74456 bytes) On November 3 we held our Christmas meeting and potluck. The challenge was to make  Christmas themed dolls under 12 inches in size, and disguise our signature "looks." Then we drew numbers to randomly exchange our dolls.  Despite our attempts to avoid making dolls in our typical styles, we were still able to recognize most of them...
xmas07jess.jpg (93421 bytes) xmas07martha.jpg (114229 bytes) xmas07patti.jpg (99483 bytes) xmas07santa.jpg (76353 bytes) xmas07sammy.jpg (100837 bytes)
xmas07elf.jpg (78082 bytes) xmas07rox1.jpg (85442 bytes) xmas07jan.jpg (88387 bytes) xmas07ginger.jpg (91061 bytes)

Storybook Challenge
June, 2007

story2007_dee3.jpg (132649 bytes) This is the club's third Storybook Challenge.   Members made dolls from books of their choosing.  Displayed at the Hillsboro Oregon Library during the month of June.   Some chose contemporary books, while others chose from the classics. 

One aspect of this challenge was to make the dolls small enough to fit into a 12-inch cube. 

story2007_patti.jpg (115509 bytes) story2007_jessica.jpg (131647 bytes) story2007_judi.jpg (110516 bytes)

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