Christmas 2007
Challenge & Exchange
(scroll down to see all the dolls...)

xmas07dee.jpg (74456 bytes)
Deanna's Doll
xmas07jess.jpg (93421 bytes)
Jessica's Doll
xmas07martha.jpg (114229 bytes)
Martha's Doll
xmas07patti.jpg (99483 bytes)
Patti's Doll
xmas07santa.jpg (76353 bytes)
Roxanne's Doll
xmas07sammy.jpg (100837 bytes)
Sammy's Doll
xmas07elf.jpg (78082 bytes)
Carolyn's Doll
xmas07rox1.jpg (85442 bytes)
Roxanne's Doll
xmas07jan.jpg (88387 bytes)
Jan's Doll
xmas07ginger.jpg (91061 bytes)
Ginger's Doll

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts