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flowerpotdollfront.jpg (102255 bytes) flowerpotdollback.jpg (104361 bytes)
Doll by Judi, 2007
Flower pot doll and flowers
kit_martha_06.jpg (41350 bytes)
Doll by Martha, 2006
Made from Deanna's "Cecelia" pattern
kit_judi_06.jpg (60971 bytes)
"My New Shoes"
by Judi Ward, 2006
From Kate Erbach's Annie LaBouche' pattern
kit_patti05.jpg (92010 bytes)
Doll by Patti
November, 2005
kit_deanna1_05.jpg (45505 bytes)
Doll by Deanna
October, 2005

Adapted from vintage pattern
Simplicity 1143

Doll is made from dyed muslin,
and has plastic eyes with applied eyelids. 

kit_ginger.jpg (47078 bytes)
Doll by Ginger, 2005
kit_roxanne05.jpg (46687 bytes)
Doll by Roxanne, 2005

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