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Year-long Round Robin/Bag Dolls

rr03_dee1.jpg (91049 bytes) Club members have enjoyed several on-going projects known as Bag Dolls (a.k.a. Round Robin Dolls) over the past couple of years.  Each activity has its own set of guidelines or requirements.  This time, each member designed a torso.  This torso went into a identifiable bag, and during the course of the year, fellow dollmakers added something to the doll (also of original design).   No particular order was specified, and journals were kept throughout the dolls' journeys.  Finally, the completed dolls were revealed to their originators.  The results were fabulous!
rr03_jess.jpg (69027 bytes) rr03_dani.jpg (69451 bytes) rr03_martha.jpg (70195 bytes) rr03_arlene.jpg (91914 bytes) rr03_judi1.jpg (69621 bytes)
rr03_maryann1.jpg (62818 bytes) rr03_patti1.jpg (52490 bytes) rr03_sandi4.jpg (58930 bytes) rr03_christie1.jpg (60936 bytes) rr03_maxi2.jpg (75143 bytes) rr03_rox2.jpg (63941 bytes)


Basic Doll Design Class
October, 2003

basicdesign.jpg (67533 bytes) At this special day-long doll club meeting, Judi Ward taught members her Basic Doll Design class.  A great time was had by all, and we all had wonderful dolls at the end of the day!  Photos of finished dolls are pending.
cecelia1.jpg (92116 bytes) design03_judi2.jpg (72388 bytes) design03_martha.jpg (58429 bytes) design03_maxi.jpg (52979 bytes) design03_patti.jpg (51815 bytes)


Vintage Fabric Challenge
September, 2003

vinfab_dee2.jpg (86744 bytes) Left with a surplus of vintage fabrics, club members each chose two to three coordinating pieces for this challenge.  We were to make a doll using these fabrics.
vinfab_christie.jpg (66085 bytes) vinfab_martha2.jpg (108608 bytes) vinfab_judi3.jpg (92183 bytes)


Dowel Doll Challenge
August, 2003

dowel_blank.jpg (61044 bytes) In August we were each given a dowel like this one, and assigned the challenge of using it in making a doll.  Just look at the results!


dowel_patti1.jpg (105787 bytes) bartholomew1.jpg (83902 bytes) dowel_arlene.jpg (62979 bytes)


Make Something with your Handmade Felt
June, 2003

song03_christie.jpg (102556 bytes) felt_martha.jpg (98916 bytes) felt_judi.jpg (60021 bytes) felt_maryann.jpg (48699 bytes)


Vintage Pattern Challenge
May, 2003

jenny3.jpg (128532 bytes) vinpat_christie3.jpg (92365 bytes)


Doll from a Song Challenge
April, 2003

dawn10.jpg (138147 bytes) At our previous meeting, we were sent home with this assignment: 
Pick a song, and make a doll.  Quite a challenge! 
song2.jpg (141566 bytes) song4.jpg (97668 bytes) song7.jpg (108075 bytes) song10.jpg (16813 bytes) song03_christie.jpg (102556 bytes) song03_martha.jpg (80512 bytes)


Storybook Challenge
February, 2003

bilbo11.jpg (83195 bytes) This is the club's second Storybook Challenge.   Members made dolls from books of their choosing. 
story4.jpg (91729 bytes) story6.jpg (128531 bytes) story7.jpg (79071 bytes) story8.jpg (98989 bytes) story1.jpg (130457 bytes) story2.jpg (122890 bytes)


Bendi Doll Challenge
January, 2003

bendi_dee1.jpg (75890 bytes) Other clubs have participated in Bendi doll challenges, and we thought we'd give it a try.  Bendi dolls are very simple muslin pancake dolls with wire armature.  They have long legs and are about 14 inches tall.   They come with two small black beads for eyes.
bendi_jess.jpg (67469 bytes) bendi_martha.jpg (52222 bytes) bendi_patti.jpg (62132 bytes) bendi_judi.jpg (47829 bytes)
bendi_max.jpg (46772 bytes) bendi_rox.jpg (55209 bytes) bendi_sand.jpg (62885 bytes)  

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