Vintage Fabric Challenge

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vinfab_dee2.jpg (86744 bytes)

"Topsy" by Deanna
From vintage topsy-turvy pattern

vinfab_dee1.jpg (72754 bytes)
vinfab_dee3.jpg (81713 bytes) vinfab_dee4.jpg (98041 bytes)

"Eva" from the Topsy & Eva pattern

vinfab_martha2.jpg (108608 bytes) vinfab_Martha1.jpg (104537 bytes)

Doll by Martha
from "Soft Dolls & Animals" magazine

vinfab_judi3.jpg (92183 bytes)

Doll by Judi
Original pattern

vinfab_judi2.jpg (95736 bytes)
vinfab_christie.jpg (66085 bytes)

Doll by Christie
from a pattern by Ute Vasina

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts