Bendi Doll Challenge
January, 2003

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bendi_dee1.jpg (75890 bytes)

Doll by Deanna
Bead eyes have been removed.  Face lightly needle-sculpted, painted and shaded with colored pencils.  Wool roving hair.  Fuzzy slippers made of Kunin Felt. Evenually this doll will be holding a cat on her lap.  SOLD

bendi_dee3.jpg (47823 bytes)
bendi_jess.jpg (67469 bytes)

Doll by Jessica
The doll was painted black when inspiration was slow in coming.  Knowing black and gold work together well, Jessica went through her stash and found the fabrics needed to create this doll.  The doll's face is a painted mask.  She is holding a snake, made of stuffed fabric.

bendi_patti.jpg (62132 bytes)

Doll by Patti
"Star Tipper" created using fabric wrapping and beading.  The doll's long- legged appearance is balanced by the puffy clothing at the hips and thighs.   Wears a mask of paper clay.  Hair is mohair.  Improvised doll stand was purchased at a bargain store.

bendi_martha.jpg (52222 bytes)

Doll by Martha
"City Slicker" on pony, inspired by a relative's photo.  Clothing and accessories made from items puchased at a local
bin store.  The original black bead eyes were removed and used for buttons on the doll's shirt.

bendi_judi.jpg (47829 bytes)

Doll by Judi
Free-standing clown doll.  A long jointing needle used as armature to support the doll, inserted into a decorative container filled with plaster.

bendi_rox.jpg (55209 bytes)

Doll by Roxanne
Free-standing doll inspired by a
"Circue du Soleil" ornament.  Doll has a copper-colored painted mask, matching copper costume, and stands on a wooden base. The blue branch-like accessory helps support the doll in a standing position.

bendi_max.jpg (46772 bytes)

Doll by Maxi
Doll based on poem..."when I am old I shall wear purple..."
She holds the printed poem in her hand.
Face is made of fabric, and applied to the original head. 

bendi_sand.jpg (62885 bytes)

Doll by Sandi
"Pan" centaur doll.  Sandi used fabric won at the club's recent dime auction, which was the source of inspiration for this doll.  The doll's legs are folded up due to their long length.


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