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"Princess Jahanara"
By Mithua Bose

Jahanara Begum (Princess Jahanara) was the favorite daughter of Shah Jahan, Emperor of India from 1627 to 1658 and the builder of the famous Taj Mahal.


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I chose to make an Indian doll for the Hoffman Challenge, since the challenge fabric 'Earth' has paisley motif on it. Paisley originated in India and spread to Scotland when the British soldiers brought home cashmere shawls.

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By Mithua Bose
(Yes, Mithua made two dolls this year!)

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"Neechelle, Woodland Fairy Drummer"
By Cindy Alldredge

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"Diva: Madame Rossingnol"
By Liz Waechter


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"Still Protecting Earth"
By Jack Chowning

Tulsa Dolling Dames

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"La Florista"
By Rita Hernandez

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