2009 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 4
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hoff_09_rcoburn.jpg (157602 bytes)

By Robyn Coburn

This 18 inch figure has a polymer clay over foil head, but the rest of her is cloth and fiberfil over a wire and wood armature.


hoff_09_3vorster.jpg (97161 bytes)

"From the Earth"
By Ellen Vorster

Ellen says she started embellishing the cape on her back,
but ran out of time and missed the deadline :-(

hoff_09_lboncer.jpg (21485 bytes)

"Molly on the Shore"
By Lois Boncer


hoff_09_dcash2.jpg (119741 bytes) hoff_09_dcash1.jpg (135539 bytes)

By Daria Cash

Cloth reproduction of a 1750's Queen Anne wooden doll, with a stump base for stability. Her clothes are all hand sewn. Daria says, "she may be elegant and simple, but her black irises are reputed to be full of mischief."
Original pattern.

hoff_09_dcash3.jpg (122288 bytes) hoff_09_dcash4.jpg (166201 bytes)
hoff_09_phurd1.jpg (46645 bytes) hoff_09_phurd4.jpg (39840 bytes)

By Pam Hurd

Pam wove the checkered portion of the dress with ribbons.
Original design.

hoff_09_phurd2.jpg (48949 bytes) hoff_09_phurd3.jpg (33351 bytes)
hoff_09_desslinger.jpg (104298 bytes)

"Winter Again!"
By Drusilla Esslinger

Dru says, "I wanted to name her "Global Warming" but was afraid that might be wrong politically!"


Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts