2009 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 2
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"Gypsy Prince Casamir"
by Laura Lunsford

 BLOG:  http://360.yahoo.com/dollmakerlaura

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"Care to Dance?"
by Sharon R. Hall

First-time Hoffman Challenge entry. Her dress was inspired by a costume for the female chorus of the opera Cosi.  Her head was made without a pattern, her arms and body from Patti Culea's  pattern in "Creative Cloth Doll Faces" and her legs from Mary Tressler's Body Basic pattern.

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"Miss Patience Paisley Pauses on the Promenade with her Parasol"

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Original design by Nancy Hall
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"Sasha - the Gypsy Princess"
by Michelle Lord


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"We Are The World"
by Loretta Thompson

This is Loretta's second doll, made from her own pattern. She writes that the theme of the doll "just seemed fitting with what I was trying to say about world peace being in our hands."

Her face is cloth over cloth with sculpted paperclay lips between the layers.  Her hair and eyelashes are made from the sulky thread. 

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"Terra Fae & Aarde Padestoel"
by Hoopie Wanamaker


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