Spool Doll Challenge
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spool_dee_a.jpg (23280 bytes)

I forgot to photograph the spool alone,
before starting the doll. 
The spool stands about 6 inches high, and has a hole in the center that goes through to the base.  
This photo shows the doll's wire armature, taped to the base with electrician's tape.

spool_dee.jpg (44152 bytes)

Doll by Deanna
Face is left over from a Christine Shively class; bodice is made of velvet Christmas ribbon.

spool_patti1.jpg (44714 bytes) spool_patti2.jpg (45514 bytes)

Doll by Patti

spool_ginger.jpg (40786 bytes)
Doll by Ginger

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts