Magazines in which some of my work can be found:

Soft Dolls & Animals
Contemporary Doll Collector
Doll Crafter & Costuming

Doll News - UFDC Publication
Doll Castle News
Prims Magazine

Art Doll Quarterly

Art Journal Pages
Somerset Studio

Art Doll Special Issue

Winter 2015 issue
ODACA Behind the Scenes Part 4, by Lillian Alberti
Featuring: Adele Sciortino, Sonja Bryer, Brenda Gehl,
Diane Troutman, ME, and Stevi T

Nov/Dec 2014 issue

My two mixed media pages are those on the left side of the magazine spreads

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In February, 2012, the MAIDA (Making Antique Inspired Dolls & Accessories online group decided to host a challenge with the intention of submitting the dolls to Prims Magazine. Our dolls were featured in the Autumn, 2012 issue. The accompanying article was written by Dixie Redmond who also has a MAIDA blog.

We made dolls from books/characters old enough to be in the public domain. My doll is Alice in Wonderland on the far right.

dcn7_09a.jpg (147955 bytes)
Doll Castle News, July/August 2009 Issue
Article on pages 8-11
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dcc9_09a.jpg (187712 bytes)
Doll Crafter & Costuming, September 2009 issue
"Under the Harvest Moon" pattern, page 14

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dollnews_winter09a.jpg (133607 bytes)
ODACA Day 2008, Las Vegas
UFDC Convention Stellar d'Arte
Doll News, Winter 2009 Issue
dollnews_winter09b.jpg (141680 bytes)
Grace, center bottom row
sda1_09.jpg (184211 bytes)
Sleepytime Santa pattern
Soft Dolls & Animals, January 2009 issue
dollnews_fall08a.jpg (176550 bytes)
Participated in "Expressions! The Artist's Way" Exhibit
at the UFDC Convention in Las Vegas
Many dolls pictured in Doll News, Fall 2008 Issue
dollnews_fall08b.jpg (135718 bytes)
Verity, on the top right was a part of the exhibit
sda7_08a.jpg (207476 bytes)
One of the winning dolls, Interpretive Doll Challenge
(pattern by Aletha "Ike" Putney)
SD&A, July2008
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cdc7_08a.jpg (171400 bytes)
Article featuring new dolls for 2008, multiple artists
CDC, July 2008
cdc7_08b.jpg (143514 bytes)
Mine are the bottom two dolls
dcc12_07a.jpg (149863 bytes)
Two articles in this issue
DC&C, December 2007
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dcc12_07c.jpg (107449 bytes)
cdc5_07.jpg (189978 bytes)
Cover dolls and nice feature article after becoming an ODACA member
CDC, May 2007
cdc11_07a.jpg (176734 bytes)
Doll Lovers and their Childhood Dolls
CDC, November 2007
cdc11_07b.jpg (139831 bytes)
Mine are the bottom photos.
sda3_05.jpg (184639 bytes)
My first cover doll, pattern inside
SD&A, March 2005
sda3_06.jpg (165821 bytes)
Cover doll, pattern inside
SD&A, March 2006
sda3_03a.jpg (177077 bytes)
My first blurb in a magazine
SD&A, March 2003
sda3_03b.jpg (136665 bytes)
Mine are the two fairies.
The pattern is also on this website - see Free Patterns