Dolls made by Others
from my patterns


"A Girl with a Watering Can" by Sara Rawlins
Made from Viola Ruth pattern and mold
Sara is a member of The Stuffits of South Carolina. This Renoir-inspired doll was made for a club challenge (make a doll from a famous painting).
She entered her doll in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, American Heritage Contest and won 2nd place, 2014. 

Under the Harvest Moon
By Donna Schroeder

Old World Santa by Romona King

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Dolls (above and right) made by Anna orowska
From my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern

The doll on the right was made with slight alterations in size and the blouse:

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Made by Claudette Hunte, Rose Cottage dolls
from "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern

HM-joyceweaver.jpg (146946 bytes)

Made by Joyce Weaver
from "Under the Harvest Moon"
Harvest Moon" pattern

Joyce's doll took FIRST PLACE at the Burnet County, Texas Fair

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"Wynter Skye"
Made by Kate Erbach

From "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern

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verity_pdavis2.jpg (124135 bytes)verity_pdavis3.jpg (178090 bytes)

by Pamela

averill_pdavis1.jpg (132957 bytes)averill_pdavis2.jpg (205485 bytes)

by Pamela

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"Verity" Dolls

Made by members of the Dollirious! Doll Club
Arlington, Washington

cecelia_mcheckett.jpg (93418 bytes)

by Martha Checkett

verity_pdavis1.jpg (141649 bytes)

by Pamela

verity_smcgorty2.jpg (127500 bytes)

by Sue McGorty

verity_smcgorty1.jpg (112742 bytes)
Sue says, "...I decided to give her more of an age-appropriate look with a chest, some darts on her dress to make it more fitted, and a more grown-up hairdo. I antiqued her body and clothing, and applied a crackle glaze to her face and arms (great tip about the crackle on your pattern, I love the effect). Her hair is dark auburn wool."
sleepytime_mkaahanui.jpg (145340 bytes)

Sleepytime Santas
by Maryanne Kaahanui

ow_santa_vorster.jpg (129771 bytes)

Old World Santa
by Ellen Vorster

averill_jack2.jpg (121820 bytes) averill_jack1.jpg (119312 bytes)

Doll by JCEagle
Doll made using the Averill pattern with simplified body design for durability.  The doll is intended to ride a kite climber, up the kite-line to a release point where he parachutes back to the ground.  He hasn't ridden the line yet.  His parachute is in his backpack.

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vr_cwilson5.jpg (58395 bytes)

Viola Ruth
by Charie Wilson
sleepytimeKM1.jpg (111037 bytes) sleeptimeKM3.jpg (102046 bytes)

Sleepytime Santa
Pattern tested by Karen Mallory

cecelia_dcarlton.jpg (96325 bytes)

by Doressa Carlton

SleepytimeKE.jpg (94466 bytes)

Sleepytime Santa
Pattern tested by Kate Erbach

kerbach_amity_sarahjane1.jpg (94909 bytes) kerbach_amity_sarahjane2.jpg (123671 bytes)

Sarah Jane
by Kate Erbach, from Amity pattern
kerbach_amity_sarahjane3.jpg (91529 bytes) kerbach_amity_sarahjane5.jpg (62369 bytes)
Sarah Jane in party dress
DHSanta_kerbach.jpg (185463 bytes)

Old World Santa
by Kate Erbach

kerbach_gracie.jpg (121700 bytes)

Made by Kate Erbach, from my "Godmother" pattern
for a Vintage Cloth Dollmaking Yahoo group challenge.
Click HERE to see Kate's Picturetrail photos (VCD Trunk Doll Challenge)

witchcandy.jpg (64928 bytes)

Candy Keeper Witch by Joyce Weaver

cec_boberson1.jpg (91251 bytes)
Cecelia, with inset eyes!
by Brenda Oberson
cec_boberson2.jpg (88760 bytes)
tavia_kate1.jpg (61088 bytes)
Chloe taking her pet dragonfly for a walk
by Kate Erbach
Made from Tavia pattern
tavia_kate2.jpg (65254 bytes)
Colleen going to market, by Kate Erbach
Made from Tavia pattern
AverillclosebyMarti.jpg (39712 bytes)

with cloth face
by Marti Kinkor
AverillbyMarti.jpg (43452 bytes)
swalker_hollylou.jpg (26892 bytes)
"Holly-Lou" by Shirley Walker
Shirley made an adjustment on her head back to it attach Judi Ward style,
and added Mica flakes to the wingtips.
averillkate2.jpg (57966 bytes)
"Woggi" by Kate Erbach
From Averill pattern, cloth face
cec_amiller.jpg (67920 bytes)
"Cecilia" by Angie Miller
Photo taken at Camp Doll U, 2005
cjudd1.jpg (51250 bytes) cjudd2.jpg (49464 bytes)

Averill with cloth face
by Cathy Judd

cjudd3.jpg (61790 bytes)
cjudd4.jpg (69333 bytes) cjudd5.jpg (109728 bytes)
Cathy made a tree stump prop for Averill to sit on, with a mushroom for her to set her hand on.  The base is decorated with moss and clay flowers, colored with Pearl Ex pigments before baking.
averillkate.jpg (56562 bytes)

Averill with clay face
by Kate Erbach

melody_hj85.jpg (53557 bytes)

by Patti-Ann Stanley from Fiona pattern

cec_drob.jpg (71589 bytes)

by Donna Robinson from Cecelia pattern
enlarged 250%

cec_drob2.jpg (71968 bytes)

Same doll, after lowering mouth
and adding ruffle to dress.

jgritton hollylou2.jpg (56891 bytes) jgritton hollylou1.jpg (46160 bytes)

"Carolyn's Angel"
from Holly-Lou pattern

Made by Jeanne Gritton (2003) as an "Opportunity" doll at the Anacortes luncheon. Jeanne used Christine Shively's "face techniques" for her face.   She was made in memory of a Border Babes founding member who passed away in September of cancer.  Jeanne gave her fushsia hair because Carolyn's sister (upon finding out that chemotherapy was inevitable) dyed Carolyn's hair that color "just for fun".  I think Carolyn would like "her" angel.

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