Fabric Challenge, 2004

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fabchal04_dee2.jpg (39556 bytes) fabchal04_dee1.jpg (38266 bytes)

Dancer (Doll no. 310)
by Deanna
From Jacqueline Casey's pattern "Butterfly Lady"

fabchal04_dee3.jpg (42821 bytes)
back view, hair is light sage green mohair
fabchal04_sandi.jpg (56833 bytes)

Art doll by Sandi Bjorkman

fabchal04_patti1.jpg (49120 bytes) fabchal04_patti2.jpg (50894 bytes)

Boudoir Doll by Patti LaValley
from vintage "Four French Girls" pattern
Head is stuffed with Model Magic

fabchal04_maxi1.jpg (47016 bytes)

Doll by Maxi Starr
from a pattern by Phyllis Robinson

fabchal04_jeannie.jpg (46678 bytes)

Doll by Jeannie Coey

fabchal04_jessica1.jpg (48166 bytes)

Doll by Jessica Kennady
From altered doll pattern/concept by JoAnn Pinto, reduced.
Cloth over mask face, feet stuffed with Model Magic

fabchal04_jessica2.jpg (48231 bytes)

Box built into torso

fabchal04_rox1.jpg (61195 bytes)

Birthday Fairy
by Roxanne Sienkiewicz

Tried new technique, skin over doll

fabchal04_rox2.jpg (55048 bytes)
fabchal04_martha1.jpg (42830 bytes)

Doll by Martha Checkett
From pattern by Alison Marano

fabchal04_martha2.jpg (48500 bytes)
fabchal04_mert1.jpg (40326 bytes) fabchal04_mert2.jpg (47642 bytes)

by Mert Churchill
From class with Carole Doubek

fabchal04_mert3.jpg (53805 bytes) fabchal04_judi1.jpg (67931 bytes)

Boudoir Doll
by Judi Ward

fabchal04_judi2.jpg (42445 bytes)

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