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Free Pin Doll Pattern

This is an easy 3-piece pattern.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions: or

As an individual doll maker, you may make as many dolls as you like for pleasure of profit.
However, please acknowledge the designer on the doll and/or hangtag.
This pattern/doll is not to be mass produced, as in cottage industry.

Note:   While I welcome reciprocal links to related doll sites, this pattern may not be uploaded
to anyone else's website without my written permission.  Thanks.

Materials Needed:
Fabric scraps (woven) for body, wings, head
Thread to match
Plastic-backed freezer paper
1 to 1-1/2 inch pin back
Doll hair (mohair, fine yarn, wool locks, crepe wool, etc.)
Media to create face (your preference, any comination)
        Colors - white, black, lip and eye colors
               Gel pens
               Acrylic paints and very fine paintbrush
               Colored pencils
        Zig or Micron Pigma pen, size 005, brown/black
        Powder blush
        Fabric pen with disappearing ink (optional)
Hot glue gun
Beads and other doo-dads for embellishment (optional)
Hemostats for turning
Your favorite tools for stuffing small things
        *recommend Barbara Willis small/fine stuffing fork
Basic hand and machine sewing supplies
Clear acrylic spray fixative (like Krylon)
Polyfil stuffing
Hand-held blow dryer (optional)
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1.   Print the instructions and pattern using your computer's print feature.  You may need to change the page margins:  go to Files, Page Setup, and change the left and right margins to 0.5 inches, as well as the top and bottom margins.  You may need to reduce or enlarge the pattern to match the 1 inch scale indicated on the pattern page.  
2.  Trace pattern pieces onto freezer paper and cut out just inside the drawn line.
3.  Iron each pattern piece onto the wrong side of doubled fabric.  If needed, pin in place to prevent shifting.
4.  Sew completely around each piece, next to the paper edge.  Use short stitch length.  Carefully peel off freezer paper pattern (can be reused).
5.  Cut around the sewn parts, leaving a 1/16 to 1/8 inch seam allowance.  Clip curves.
6.  Make a vertical slit about 1/2 to 3/4 inch on one side of the head.   Turn right side out.  Stuff firmly and hand stitch closed.  Set aside.
7.  Make a vertical slit one one side of the body, about 1 inch long, centered, starting about 1/4 inch down from the seam at the neck stump.  Turn right side out and fingerpress smooth and flat.  Don't stuff yet!
8.  Mark arm lines as illustrated:  use a colored pencil or fabric pen with disappearing ink.  Top stitch along these lines using standard stitch length, secure thread ends.
9.  Stuff the arms and body firmly.  Hand stitch closed.  Apply any beading or other embellishment at this time.
10.  Cut an opening in the wings, one one side of the fabric as illustrated.   Finger press flat and smooth.  Mark top stitching lines as illustrated, and stitch along these lines using a standard stitch length.  Secure thread ends.   With a fine stuffing fork, stuff all sections of the wing (start with the outer sections of the wing) and hand stitch closed.
11.   Glue or stitch the wings to the back of the body.  Glue or stitch the head to the neck stump.
12.  Lightly spray the face with an acrylic fixative, allow to dry (prevents ink from running).
13.  (Now or later) glue or sew pin back onto the back of the wings.
14.  Draw or paint face.  Refer to the illustration if needed.  Remember, the eyes are about halfway between the top of the head and the chin.  I use a very sharp colored pencil (light brown) to sketch the placement of the features.  Make a small half-circle shape for each eye, using a white gel pen or acrylic paint.  When dry (use blow dryer if needed), add the iris using a gel pen or acrylic paint.  I dip the head of a straight pin in paint, and lightly touch it to the eye to create a round iris.  When dry, add the black pupil.  When that is dry, dip the point of a straight pin in white paint and add the "highlights."  Outline the eyes with a Micron pen.  Draw the nose carefully with a brown colored pencil or Micron pen.  Draw the lips with gel pen or paint, allow to dry.  Consider drawing a line with a brown or black Micron pen to differentiate the upper from the lower lip.   With a lighter lip color (or white, blended), highlight the lower lip.  With brown or gray pencil, add any shading to the face.  Apply blush to the cheeks.   Spray lightly once more with the acrylic fixative.
15.  Glue or stitch a small amount of fiber for hair onto the top/sides of the head.   Finger-style hair.  Add any embellishments as desired. 

Consider using Christmas fabric and making tree ornaments.  Instead of a pin back, add a string to the back/top of the head to hang   - or use them to decorate a wrapped gift.




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