2015 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 2
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(Untitled ~ for now)
Doll by Stephanie Novatski

Stephanie used lots of gold coins in the making of this doll - the kind used on belly dancer costumes. She repressed the coins to give them different designs (they had Greek/Roman heads) and aged them with Ranger Patinas, Viva Decor Inca Gold, and Gilders Paste.


Doll by Hoopie Wanamaker

Princess Naima
Doll by Ronda Hull, Dolls by Hand

"Maharaja of Mandalay"
Doll by Jami Roux

For her doll's body, Jami used a pattern from Terese Cato's book Make Cloth Dolls. His clothing is her own design.

Doll by Daisy Karen Kiehn
Based on Hmong hill tribes traditional costumes

"Elf Star - Taegg"
Doll by Cindy Alldredge

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts