2015 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 1
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Doll by Deanna Hogan
I used my "Averill" pattern to create the doll, but I wanted the doll's costume to have an ethnic flavor. I searched online for photos of costumes from several countries: Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Tibet, etc. 
patti lavalley hoffman 2015
Doll by Patti LaValley

Doll by Jo-Mae Blagg Maris

An original design, Zalika's inspiration came from an abstract African doll made of wood and dressed in beads. The abstract form of the African doll provided an opportunity to feature the large print of the Challenge fabric, and to use bead embellishments to highlight the beading in the fabric's print. Jo-Mae used beads for hair and buttons for eyes to bring a primitive quality to the needle sculpted face. Zalika has a lot of ladder stitched seams from the process of creating her shape during stuffing and needle sculpting.

Colleen my firey red-head
Doll by Kathy Copeland

From a pattern by Mimi Winer. You can find Kathy on Facebook her name and Kathy's Dolls.

Doll by Diane Magnuson
Original design, Adelina is dressed with Diane's adaptation of a Slavonian folk costume (with some Scandinavian thrown in). Her support is knitting needles inserted through her legs and into her torso. 

Doll by Gayle Griffith
Original design

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