2013 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 4
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"Mum's Day Out"
by Anne Sander

This is Anne's first doll made from her own design.
This is Mum's first chance to go out and show off her baby so she's dressed up, put on her jewellery and wrapped baby in a quilt.
She's tried to use her normal handbag to carry everything she needs for her day out but it doesn't quite fit.

"Cat Ladies Can't Eat Tuna"
by Melissa Lewis
(Most Humorous Doll)

"Unwrapped: Queen of the Nile"
by Michaeleen Munrow
(First Place)

"Proud as a Peacock"
by Karen McGregor
(Honorable Mention)

"King Henry"
by Linda Brackett
(Curator's Choice)

"Flight of the Peacock"
by CJ Hyland
(Best Incorporation of Theme)

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