2012 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 5
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"Meara Jones"
By Kathryn Botsford

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"Rose on a Stroll in the Garden"
By Anne Sander

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Rose is Anne's first Hoffman Challenge entry,
adapted from a pattern by Patti Medaris Culea.
Original costuming, with beading on her skirt and a butterfly on her finger.

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"Rose in Winter"
By Stephanie Novatski


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hoff_12_snovatski2.jpg (123909 bytes) hoff_12_snovatski4.jpg (85831 bytes)

I just had to include this sketch of Stephanie's, an excellent example of how an idea can come to fruition.

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By Heera Prabhu


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Arabella is Heera's own design and mold. Costume design was influenced by clothing from the 1100s to 1400s. Beading and finishing techniques learned from Christine Shively.


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