2012 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 4
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"Grumpy Fairy of Give Me Chocolate Land"
By Michelle Lord


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"Garden Party"
By Sharon Hall

Sharon's doll is an original design, inspired by a 1920s Fashion Plate.
She has a cloth head, her features are enhanced with paperclay, and she has a hand dyed knit "skin" over this.

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"Miss Lavender USA"
By Cindy Alldredge

Cindy had planned to make a bridesmaid, but Miss Lavender wanted to be a beauty queen instead.
Along with her own modifications, Cindy primarily used Arley Berryhill's "Gwendolyn, the Glamour Witch" pattern,
as well as Patti Medaris Culea's "Penny Cassandra" pattern.
The challenge fabric was used to created ribbon roses, and Sulky thread was used to make her jewelry.


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"Veronica al Carnevale"
By Mara Franco


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"She Sings. It's Over"
By Sandra Bloom

Miss Diva is an opera singer, singing her last song. She is a OOAK original.
http://sblooms.blogspot.com          www.heartmadebybloom.com

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"Lady Lorraine"
By Diane Magnuson

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