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"Life's Lessons"
By Deborah Robinson

Deborah's first Hoffman entry was made using a pattern called "Butter Fly Queen" by Kat Lees.


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"Floral Delight"
By Karen Mallory

Karen used Colleen Babcock's "Treasures of the Deep" pattern


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"The Gardener"
By Hoopie Wanamaker


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"Juliette the Suffragette"
By Wendy Whittemore


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"Ima Little"
By Jo-Mae Blagg Maris

Ima Little is posed as a little teapot short and stout. She is an original design by Jo-Mae. She has a "stout" figure and is squatting.

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"Miss Greenjeans"
By Gayle Griffith

Gayle's original all-cloth doll is about 18 inches tall

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