2011 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 4
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hoff_11_rkratky1.jpg (51332 bytes)

"Lady Delilah"
Doll by Robin Kratky

hoff_11_rkratky2.jpg (54557 bytes)

This is Robin's second year to enter the Hoffman Challenge

hoff_11_jpatterson.jpg (59036 bytes)

Doll by Joyce Patterson

Joyce says she found a swatch book of solid color fabrics in her stash to
use as the complementary fabrics with the Hoffman fabric and a little piece
of dark red tatting for her hair.
The real challenge is how to use the large scale prints Hoffman chooses!

hoff_11_nhall1.jpg (176412 bytes)

Doll by Nancy Hall

Nancy combined many different techniques with this doll:
felting, beading, freemotion embroidery, painting, my first attempts at hand spinning, and of course sewing.

hoff_11_nhall2.jpg (159631 bytes)
hoff_11_pmontanari1.jpg (151534 bytes) hoff_11_pmontanari2.jpg (165204 bytes)

"Victorian Lady, Heart in Hand"
Doll by Paulette Montanari

hoff_11_pmontanari3.jpg (158708 bytes) hoff_11_pmontanari4.jpg (145800 bytes)
hoff_11_rhernandez.jpg (105217 bytes)

Doll by Rita Hernandez

hoff_11_desslinger.jpg (121816 bytes)

"Flora in her Finest"
Doll by Drucilla Esslinger


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