2011 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 2
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"Princess Sakura"
Doll by Sharon Hall

Original OOAK design with cloth "skin" over paperclay on a cloth head. Challenge fabric and coordinates were combined with ivory silk, vintage crochet, and repurposed thrift store clothing (the rose silk). Initially Japanese inspired,
Princess Sakura developed her own unique style.
Her "doll" started life as a clothespin.

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"Mei's Butterflies"
Doll by Ronda Hull
From a pattern by Terese Cato

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Doll by Lucia Cortes

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Doll by Joyce Jurczak

This is Joyce's first time to enter the Hoffman Challenge

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"Ms. Hanami LaFleur"
Doll by Hoopie Wanamaker

Original design

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The Mushroom Hunter "Camoflaged"
Doll by Hoopie Wanamaker

Original design

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