2010 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 3
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"Hi - Mommy"
By Suzanne Cooke

First-time entry based on Mary Tressler's free Child pattern

Suzanne Cooke
Doll Makers of San Antonio
San Antonio TX

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"Lady Adele"
By Mithua Bose

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Lady Adele is a young English lady who is all dressed up to go to the ball. Lady Adele's design has been adapted from a pattern by Barbara Willis

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By Daisy Kiehn

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This is Daisy's second Hoffman entry, an original design and pattern inspired by the "Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries."

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"Fiona Fortune"
By Hoopie Wanamaker


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"East Meets Rest"
By Susan McGorty
First-time entry


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hoff_10_sritter.jpg (91295 bytes) "Fish Story"
By Shirley Ritter

Original Design

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts