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"Jade Jewell"
By Shirley Harwell

Shirley used a pattern from a Leslie Molen class for NIADA 2009, featuring inserted glastic eyes, skinned head and horsehair braids. 

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Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity

By Kimber Fenili

Lakshmi is made using Barbara Shoenoff's Temple Dance, with permission. She is made from aqua dupioni silk and appliqued with the challenge fabric using Wonder Under.

This is Kimber's first year to enter the challenge after encouraging several friends to enter. 

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"Lady Lana ~ a Woman from Venus"
By Cindy Alldredge

Cindy made this doll in memory of her cousin Lana, who passed away last year.
She is blue with Sulky hair.

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By Lynn Tesch

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Takara is a Balinese dancer, an original design based on photos of actual dancers. This is Lynn's first Hoffman entry.


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"The Lord Enjoying Nature"
By Jayne Swanson

  The body pattern is by Diane Little, and the costume
pattern is by Barbara Schoenoff.


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By Ann Lipscombe

This is Ann's first Hoffman entry. She says she learned how to make dolls from Patti Medaris Culea book "Creative Cloth Doll Making" and "Doll Fashionistas" by Ellen Lumpkin Brown.


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