2007 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 2
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hoff_07_llunsford.jpg (124778 bytes)

Bea is for Butterflies
by Laura Lunsford, original design

Traveling, Trunk A
 Blog: http://360.yahoo.com/dollmakerlaura

hoff_07_noverton1.jpg (111425 bytes)

Lylah and her Dragonfly
by Nancy Overton
Traveling, Trunk B

hoff_07_noverton2.jpg (68759 bytes) hoff_07_noverton3.jpg (67674 bytes)
hoff_07_ailey1.jpg (76671 bytes)

by Agnes Iley
Traveling, Trunk A

hoff_07_ailey2.jpg (86649 bytes)
hoff_07_sritter1.jpg (110708 bytes) hoff_07_sritter2.jpg (150993 bytes)

Spring Rain
by Shirley Ritter, original design
Traveling, Trunk B

hoff_07_dcash2.jpg (132574 bytes)

Henry VIII
by Daria Cash, Tulsa Dolling Dames
3rd place winner
Traveling, Trunk C

hoff_07_dcash1.jpg (156893 bytes)

Henry VIII in traditional dress, non-traditional fabric.
From an original pattern and design from the Holbein painting

hoff_07_kannen.jpg (171152 bytes)

Doll by Kaeann Annen
Traveling, Trunk C

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts