2007 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 1
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hoff_07_dhogan3.jpg (155874 bytes)

by Deanna Hogan
Original doll, cloth-covered polymer clay face
Traveling, Trunk A
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hoff_07_plavalley.jpg (180858 bytes)

Doll by Patti LaValley

Original Doll, a variation of Patti's "Molly and Her Button Dolly" pattern
Traveling, Trunk A

hoff_07_dgust1.jpg (101275 bytes) hoff_07_dgust2.jpg (112026 bytes)

Papillion du Pere
by David G

Traveling, Trunk A

Other dolls by David
hoff_07_dgust3.jpg (109285 bytes)
hoff_07_snovatski1.jpg (151290 bytes) hoff_07_snovatski2.jpg (114005 bytes)

The Secret Garden
by Stephanie Novatski

Traveling, Trunk A


hoff_07_snovatski3.jpg (183750 bytes)
hoff_07_swright.jpg (135975 bytes)

Sitting Pretty
By Sandy Wright
, from a pattern by Patti Culea
Traveling, Trunk B

hoff_07_wwhittemore1.jpg (58689 bytes)

Foggy, Foggy Dew
by Wendy Whittemore
Traveling, Trunk B

From an old Burl Ives song about a
weaver and his son.

hoff_07_wwhittemore2.jpg (63301 bytes)

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts