2006 Hoffman Challenge Dolls - Row 1
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Original doll by Deanna Hogan

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Hof_06_JAdler.jpg (60456 bytes) Hof_06_JAdler2.jpg (68002 bytes)

"Leaf Landing" By Jan Adler

Body is from Arley Berryhill's Le Femme pattern.
Dress is Jan's original design. 

Hof_06_KMal1.jpg (53699 bytes)

"Ready To Go" by Karen Mallory

Pattern from Cloth Doll Couture by Patti Culea.

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Hof_06_SWright1.jpg (73390 bytes)

"Wild Child" by Sandy Wright

Original Design
The top of the dress was knit from ribbon
that was the exact color match

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Hof_06_SNovatski1.jpg (52090 bytes)

"One Kiss is Not Enough"
by Stephanie Novatski

Second Place Winner


Hof_06_SNovatski2.jpg (56218 bytes)
Hof_06_DGiardullo.jpg (68021 bytes)

"Lena" by Denise Giardullo

Original cloth doll, hand painted and antiqued.
First-time entry in the Hoffman Challenge.


Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts