2005 Hoffman Dolls - Row 1
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averill_hoff1.jpg (59124 bytes)

"Averill" by Deanna Hogan
Honorable Mention, traveling
From original pattern

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hoff_05_steph1.jpg (78321 bytes)

"A Star Is Born" by Stephanie Novatski
Selected to Travel
From an original pattern

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hoff_05_kmall1.jpg (54961 bytes)

"Claire" by Karen Mallory
Selected to Travel
From Arley Berryhill's La Femme pattern

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hoff_05_pknorr1.jpg (56262 bytes)

"Scheherazade" by Perrie Knorr
Selected to Travel
From Mary Tressler's Flame Dance pattern

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hoff_05_gnehl.jpg (29985 bytes)

"Departed Angel" by Geraldine Nehl
Selected to Travel
Made in a Christine Shively class

hoff_05_phurd.jpg (67138 bytes)

Doll by Pam Hurd
Selected to Travel
Adapted from The Gentleman pattern
by Priscilla McDonald

hoff_05_chall.jpg (38457 bytes)

Doll by Christine Hall
Jester (untitled)

Copyright Deanna Hogan, Blue Heron Crafts