2004 Hoffman Dolls - Row 2

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Doll by Jo Ann Limoges

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"Whimsical in Nature"
by Camille C.S. Pratt


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Doll by Lucy Landry
Original design, 14 inches tall


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hoff04_lcortes4.jpg (73174 bytes) hoff04_lcortes2.jpg (56314 bytes)

"Beautiful of Summer"
by Lucia Cortes


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hoff04_suek4.jpg (36829 bytes) hoff04_suek3.jpg (50811 bytes)

"The Transformation"
by Susan Kurowski

Adapted from a Patti Culea pattern
Chosen to travel


hoff04_suek1.jpg (43577 bytes)
hoff04_lboncer1.jpg (56869 bytes)

(with tiny Seminole quilting bands on skirt and vest,
prairie points on vest)

hoff04_lboncer2.jpg (64866 bytes)

"Mrs. H."
in her psychedelic lamp shade art-to-wear entry
and her psychedelic quilt entry

by Lois Boncer

Chosen to travel


hoff_04_kmall1.jpg (67011 bytes) hoff_04_kmall2.jpg (41216 bytes)

"Butterfly Play" by Karon Mallory
The girl is made from Phyliss Robinson's Dawn pattern, and the boy is a mixture of Dawn and Ute Vasina's Mitzie pattern.

Chosen to Travel

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