2003 Hoffman Dolls
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"Ladybug, Ladybug"

Original Doll by Sandy Wright
Traveling, Collection A

20-inch jointed doll from Springmaid cotton fabric.   Hair is Tibetan lambswool.

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Doll by Adele Sciortino

From Sherry Goshon's fairy pattern.
20-inch doll with armature.  Face is painted cloth over polymer clay.  Her collar is hand-beaded and she holds the book "Cherry Fairy Tales."
Traveling, Collection A


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"Nishikawa and Puppet"

Doll by Connie McBride-Johnson
From "Crystalline" pattern by Kat Lees.

Traveling, Collection A

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Doll by Aline McFadden
Traveling, Collection B
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"Cherry Tree"
Chosen to travel

by Lois Boncer


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by Rebecca Kemp
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by Donna Sims

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